Redesign Natural Hair Stroke Brow

Imagine waking up in the morning without having to spend time to pencil in your eyebrows, perfecting eyeliner, lip liner or applying lipstick. Perfect brows, striking eyes and beautiful lips can be easily achieved with semi-permanent make up.

Initial consultation and sensitivity patch test are FREE

Eyebrows powdered brow effect
Redesign natural hair stroke brow 
Scars in brow 
Lash enhancement 
Lash enhancement & eyeliner 
Lash enhancement & shaded eyeliner 
Lip liner 
Lip liner with defined blend 
Lip full colour 
Beauty mark
Colour maintenance (after one year)

All listed prices are inclusive of one

Eyebrows can be brought back to shape and sparse areas of growth filled in, with individual strokes to imitate hairs.  Whether you require full brow reconstruction, arch definition or lengthening – you will enjoy having perfect eyebrows.  

I Don't Want It To Be To Dramatic, Do I Have A Choice?  
Yes, the result can be a subtle or dramatic. This can be discussed in the consultation then built up over your top up appointments.

How Long Does It Last?
The pigment stays permanently in the skin; however the colour will fade out gradually over time, normally 1 - 3 years.

What Are The Steps Of Semi Permanent Makeup?
First you will have a consultation with the therapist to discuss what you would like and to ask the therapist any questions you have. If you are happy you will then book an appointment at reception. Once you have had the treatment you will come back in 4 weeks to top up if needed. You then come back for a year top up if needed for any changes or to darken the colour. 

Does It Hurt?
Some clients feel no discomfort at all - others feel minimal discomfort. Clients say that a procedure is similar to having their eyebrows plucked, or it feels like a vibrating, scratching sensation, I use a topical cream to desensitize the area and stretch techniques to minimise discomfort.

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