Semi-Perminant Makeup

Imagine waking up every morning without having to spend time to pencil in your eyebrows, perfecting your eye liner, lip liner or applying lipstick. Perfect brows, striking eyes and beautiful lips can all be easily achieved.  When applied correctly, permanent make-up is designed to subtly enhance your natural features and put back what Mother Nature has forgotten or taken away over the years.  The procedure is medically proven and designed to be completely safe, hygienic, quick and virtually painless. Initial consultation and sensitivity patch test is £25.00. - Redesign Naturel Hair Stroke Brow - Scars In Brow - Eyeliner - Lip Liner - Beauty Mark - Colour Maintenance ( After One Year )

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Beau Aesthetica

Beau Aesthetica is one of the Midlands' most respected providers of cosmetic dermatology procedures. Registered by British College Of Aesthetic Medicine (BCAM) and are fully trained GMC doctors. Read more..